Dating for Begginers:)

  ~Just because you want me doesn’t mean you love me. Just because you feel you need me doesn’t mean you deserve me.- Hiei Kaganshi.
     Just because you want somebody doesn’t mean you actually love them. Love isn’t a bandage to cover wounds. Even if somebody loves you doesn’t mean you have to be involved with them. Also if you feel like you love someone you may not be meant for each other. You have to consider your surroundings. There are many great things about relationships. However there are also bad things. Like Violence for example. This mainly happens at the beginning of relationships. Although there are some bad things you have to outweigh them with the good things.
               Being “In Love” with someone is unique to every soul on earth. Some of you might feel like you are in love right now; however there is a big distinction between lust, infatuation and true love. (Den).When you love someone, your love for them grows each day. you cant imagine a life without them. Every day you feel your heart has reached its largest point and the next day it grows yet again for this person. They become as much a part of you as you are, you love them. When you are in love with somebody, it would most likely be your spouse. You can show your appreciation for each other easily. You feel the same way you do when you love each other but it’s more than that. You will spend the rest of your life together and they become a giant part of your life.(Jade)
            In a relationship the good will outweigh the bad. Love happens whenever there is action, the feeling will be mutual.(“Dating for Beginners”). However, realize you are a teen, and often your relationship will develop negative aspects. There is a HUGE difference between loving someone and being in love with someone. Usually being in love means that you desire to be physically intimate with the person. You have to be careful, your relationship can become overly obsessive. This can lead to being in an abusive relationship.
                      Abusive relationships can have serious consequences. Domestic violence and abuse can happen to anyone, regardless of size, gender, or strength, yet the problem is often overlooked, excused or denied.(“Domestic Violence and Abuse”). 33% of teens report some type of abuse in their relationship. 12% of that is physical. Some signs of an unhealthy relationship include, unexplained scratches or bruises, less time hanging out with friends or constantly on the cell phone or computer. Noticing and acknowledging the signs of an abusive relationship is the first step to ending it! You deserve a healthy relationship.(l
                 Build, Explore, and Establish, these are the first steps that lead to a strong relationship. (The Beginning Stages”). But, it is not only the emotional aspects of your life that will improve is is also your physical well being. You will sleep more, and you will probably get healthier. (“The Good things about Relationships”). You have to have trust, explore each others interest. Building healthy patterns in your relationship can build a strong foundation. That way you will have a great relationship.
                Relationships are a good thing! You just have to build up to a healthy one. Start with the basics don’t rush anything. This may lead to an abusive relationship. First you have to build then explore and finally establish. That’s a way you and your partner will have an on going strong relationship. Thank you! 🙂


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Medical Rescue Care:)

I’m thinking about visiting Brazil. I heard that a cholera epidemic has just broke out and I want to help. I heard that 131,943 people are affected by this bacteria. People can get it through raw shellfish, uncooked fruits and vegetables, however in Brazil its due to the contaminated water in poverty struck places. Some of the symptoms there include nausea, vomiting, muscle cramps, and dehydration.
Since the treatment mainly includes replacing fluids, salts, and sugars, I will be able to help out a lot of people. I am going to take as many supplies as I can. The bacteria releases a toxin that causes increased release of water in the intestines. Cholera spread rapidly throughout the world after the 1817 epidemic, largely due to the inadvertent transport of bilge water, mainly from British ships. Im looking forward to my journey!(:

I Am The Messenger:D

This story started out with the Bank Robbery  which lead to Ed getting cards in his mail box. His first task was Edgar Street (Ace of Diamonds)then Harrison Ave and finally Macedonni Street.  Ed watches as a girl gets raped by an older man. Then later on he shoots the man. After that Ed picks up a strange guy  in his cab. He escapes without paying any money. What will this lead to next?

Burried Alive!

                   I felt it,cold like stone breathing on my neck. I couldn’t move a muscle,this can’t be real, a dozen faces before me. I’m not dead! I can’t get out of this casket im trapped. HELP ME!, I screamed. No answer. I can’t believe this, im being burried alive. Chills run up my spine. My bones aching from the pain. How did I get here? Am I being punished?

            I heard men talking outside they brought up the word murder.  My heart dropped, How could I be here if I was murdered. I tremble at the thought. Who would wanna murder me? Im burning up in here I can’t breathe. I scream again! But nothing. I start to hear a crackling sound beside me it was as if someone were laying there. I looked over and saw a little tiny black chip. Could it be a voice detecter?

                 About that time I heard a mans voice on the other side saying “They can’t hear you meagen,GIVE UP NOW!”.I didnt recognize the voice. Who was this? Wha’t did they want from me? HONK! I woke up to the sound of the school bus, I had been dreaming. I walked silently out the door my mom kissed me bye. I was halfway down the side walk when my mom asked, ” What’s this black chip attached to your shirt?”.

To be continued…..

Color me Kiwi Green:D

My Favorite color would have to be Kiwi Green. The reason I enjoy this color so much is because it reminds me of summer time. I love the summer because thats when I get to do all sorts of great things. Like go to Carowinds,The beach, Vacation! Also I love this color because it relates to being happy. Its bright and sunny just like me! When I see Kiwi Green I get a smile on my face. It brightens my day somehow. I also like the color green because it reminds me of money! I LOVE money! Kiwi green reminds me of Popsicles, they are so yummy! When I think of kiwi green I dream about sitting out by the pool laying in the sun and having a great time with my family. Whats your favorite color?
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